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Volume Booster - JVB

Volume Booster is used to when the piping distance is long from the instrumentation control room to the actual working area of the actuator. To boost the actuator speed considerably. It helps in high cost reduction in the form of reduced air loss due to less working of the compressor with our compromising on the working of the actuator.

Technical Specification:

Max. Supply Pressure : 9 Kg/cm2
Max. Signal Pressure : 7 Kg/cm2
Max. Output Pressure : 7 Kg/cm2
Connection : NPT ¼/ NPT 3/8
Air Flow (l/min) : 600
Air Consumption (l/min) : 3
Linearity : +or-1%
Hysteresis : +or-1%
Pressure Ratio : 1 : 1
Material : Al Die Cast

All compressed air piping installations, in Damper Actuators before the positioner to increase the flow of air to the actuators. Ideal for Control Valve , Power cylinders.